Final Cut User Groups


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User Groups - USA
Boise Cutters
Seth Randal @BoiseCutters
Chicago Creative Pro User Group Chicago, IL Sue Lawson
Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group Los Angeles, CA Michael Horton @lacpug
MoPictive New York, NY Ned Soltz - This site does not look like it's been updated in awhile
New Jersey Final Cut Pro User Group Mahwah, NJ
San Diego Mac Video Production User Group
San Diego, CA San Diego Mac Video Production User Group on Facebook
Sacramento Video Industry Professionals
Sacramento, CA Karen Olsen
SFCutters San Francisco, CA Claudia Crask
Seattle Final Cut Pro User Group Seattle, WA Ed McNichol
User Groups - International
Calgary Fabulously Creative Pro User Group

Calgary, Canada @cgyfcpug Duane Martin
Final BUG – Final (Cut) Berlin User Group
Berlin, Germany Paul Murray
Final Cut Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina Leonardo Hancevich
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